School of Life and Health Sciences (SOLHS)


Joy University School of Life and Health Sciences (JU-SOLHS) has fields of biotechnology, food technology, and allied health sciences which work towards improving the well-being of individuals and communities. Food technology offers more efficient ways of managing our current resources even as it paves the way forfood security. Biotechnology helps us modify and improve the human body in a changing world while allied health sciences complements the fast-evolving field of medicine and improves the quality of patient care.The professionals and leaders who work in these fields channel their knowledge and efforts towards a better tomorrow for all we are proud to play a key role in their development.The comprehensive curriculum is grounded with the fundamentals of the discipline and designed to meet contemporary industry challenges with the advancements and updates in the respective fields. A strong focus on practical application ensures that learning is not restricted to the four walls of a classroom alone. Instead, immersive learning is promoted in the well-equipped labs and facilities. Students at JU-SLHS are encouraged to explore research as a means of developing a deeper understanding of their disciplines.