Student Clubs

S. No.Name of ClubFaculty AdvisorAbout the Club
1.Drama ClubDr. Jomon SebastianDrama club is an opportunity for the students to perform skits, mimes, plays, etc. Theater workshops will be conducted in which eminent personalities will be invited to give training to the students.  Students can participate in inter-university drama competitions.
2.Music ClubDr. Alasakani KarthikStudents with interest in music can come together and showcase their talent. Students could also form bands and participate in the fests at other colleges.
3.Social Initiatives ClubDr. Jomy JosephThis club gets together like minded students who are interested in making a difference in the society.The club aims to bring significant changes through grass root level interactions in various fronts such as education, health care, environmental protection, etc.. The focus will be on identifying and addressing rural area specific problems using modern technology and devices.
4.Health: Yoga and Meditation ClubDr. Chandan KumarThe main aim of the club is to create a healthy generation through the health and fitness education program. The club conducts and creates awareness programs for the university students as well as university staff members to understand the importance of maintaining excellent health in terms of physically and mentally. In the beginning of every academic year an awareness program will be conducted for first year students. The club also conducts various yoga activities for both the university students and staff members.
5.Heritage ClubDr. Kanagarathinam D.VThe Heritage club intends to spread awareness about the history of the previous societies among the members and to inculcate significance of historical monuments and documents to be preserved, thereby making them capable of protecting the relics. To sensitize students about the local culture, traditions and history through visits to heritage sites. Its programmes are conducting History Quiz, Exhibitions, celebrating Heritage weeks & Fortnightly, Visiting Heritage Sites and Organizing Workshops to decipher ancient scripts like Brahmi, Vattezhuthu and also to teach preservation methods.
6.Nature ClubDr. Jagamohan MeherThe purpose of the Nature Club is to educate students, faculty, and staff about the environment and related issues. With the novel goals of facilitating the skill development for environmental protection, promoting environmental awareness among all segments of society, and disseminating environmental education among students, the JU Nature Club is the coming together of nature lovers from various departments who want to promote, monitor, and operate the environmental and sustainable activities in society, starting from college campus.
7.Film and Photography ClubDr. Sourav Kumar KajliPhotography and film making club will deal with interest in different areas such as capturing nature to making a short film/documentaries where students can share and exhibit their creativity, knowledge and passion. The club will also arrange programs related to film review where students can discuss about good and bad aspects of a particular multilingual different genre movie with different point of views related to direction, music, cinematography, art direction etc.
8.Poetry ClubDr. Nishant Kumar

Provides a platform to bring poets at one stage.

Helps the students to bring their hidden poet from inside.

9.Quiz ClubDr. Ramswaroop SainiQuizzing is an art and a test of the intellect. The Quiz club of the college aims at identifying students with quizzing talent and creating opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills. Quiz Club is a unique and exciting way to motivate, inspire, encourage and reward children in their quest for knowledge and provide them with the opportunity to celebrate their achievements as part of a high profile, national competition. The main objective of quiz club is to popularize quizzing activities among students and to encourage them to take part in all competitive examination at state and central level. To instill our students the values of knowledge, wisdom and compassion to make them smart citizens.
10.Literary ClubDr. Saket ChandraThe literary club provides a platform for innovative minds to inculcate constructive reading, writing skills. It is a space where students are free to read, think, and write about whatever interests them. Students can express their opinions on politics, philosophy, spirituality, philanthropy, and other current topics in the group.
11.Stand-up Comedy ClubDr. Summi DuttaResearch has proven that Laughter has far ranging health benefits. It distresses your mind, makes you feel happy, increases your concentration and even strengthens your immunity. Stand-up comedy is now being recognized as an art form where you can make others laugh by your jokes or actions or even short stories related to others and yourself. The best thing about this comedy is that it not only gives the reason to smile, but also boosts your confidence while you perform on stage in front of many people and helps you in overcoming the stage fear.
12.Entrepreneurship and Start-up ClubDr. Abhishek Kumar ShrivastavaEntrepreneurship skills and self-employment skills in graduates will be the focus area.
13.Fine Arts ClubDr. Kanagarathinam D.V

Fine Arts Club of JU:

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in” Amy Lowell.

The Fine Arts Club of Joy University (JU) is to encourage the students, faculty, and the whole JU family to express their thoughts, feelings, and creativity through various interactive, collaborative, and lovely fine art activities (including):

1.   Painting

2.   Sketching

3.   Handicraft

4.   Modeling

Art gives us a chance to find ourselves according to our imagination and solitude.

Art makes us feel good!!!!!

With this spirit, the Fine Arts Club of JU welcomes all in the creative and imaginative journey.