School of Nursing (SON)


The School of Nursing, an integral part of Joy University endeavors to employ core tenets of excellence, innovation, inclusion, and deference to edify future nurses, progress nursing science, and implement evidence-based clinical practice to improve health and wellness. It concocts nurses with global standards for local and global placements. The standardized curriculum bids a broad-based instruction within the speculative context envisioned for the enhancement of critical thinking skills, aptitudes, and standards vital for the practice of professional nursing and midwifery.

The students will be exposed to hands-on training during the course in all specialities including Medical Surgical, Child Health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Community health and Mental health nursing. The programme is further augmented with value-added courses to prepare our graduates to become archetypal citizens by adhering to the code of ethics and professional conduct at all times in gratifying personal, social and professional obligations so as to retort to national aspirations. It also warrants 100% succour for employment through career counselling, in-house interviews and campus interviews.