Pro Chancellor Profile

Mrs. Gino Joy Raja

Pro Chancellor

A seasoned educator, Mrs. Gino Joy Raja has 25+ years of experience in School Administration. The School represents her holistic, progressive approach to education and her constant endeavor is to provide various educational opportunities to all. Mrs. Gino Joy Raja is a scrupulous leader as it is under her tutelage that every day thousands of minds are inspired and educated. Indeed she is a true personification of leadership as she believes in assimilating a powerful value system in the students. The deep passion and igniting desire to make a difference in the lives of the children continue to burn bright in her heart. She leaves no stones unturned to venture into newest and challenging pedagogical territories in a bid to nurture pupils with etiquettes, social graces, moral values and a deep love for our culture ensuring holistic development and academic excellence. Mrs. Gino Joy Raja perpetual aim is to gloom a perfect generation and fully develop their innate potential in the present competitive world. As a successful premiere and inspiring leader she displays a committed resolver to serve the community at large and has become instrumental in its betterment and its upliftment.