School of Life & Health Science (SOLHS)


At JU-SOLHS students are guided on their academic and professional journeys by experienced faculty members who leverage their knowledge to ensure the best path forward for students for effective delivery of healthcare services which depend largely on the nature of education, training and appropriate orientation towards the community health of all categories of health personnel, and their capacity to function as an integrated team.
The Universal Health Coverage goals envisaged by Government of India may not be possible to achieve due to shortage of the skilled human resource. The documented benefits in the healthcare system range from improving access to healthcare services to significant reduction in the cost of care, when the healthcare system moves away from the doctor-centric approach to a multidisciplinary approach.
Many examples emphasize the need for skilled allied and healthcare professionals in the system. JU-SOLHS also play a significant role to care for patients with chronic diseases and help to improve their quality of life.
With a vision to provide adequate support to the physicians and surgeons and to fill in the gap of skilled technical personnel JU-SOLHS Department of Allied Health Sciences, offers the four year undergraduate B.Sc. degree programmes.