School of Law (SOL)


The JU- Law degree aims to equip students with research and writing skills through different kinds of projects and assignments such as : newspaper discovery, film reviews, conducting of live interviews, creating moot problems, drafting petitions, book reviews, case comments, literature surveys and research papers. Whilst students are required to undertake one assignment for each mandatory course, they can choose the kind of assignment, they wish to do in a course by bidding for the same in a class auction and thus create their own project portfolio. Since, the assignments have been calibrated for difficulty level and have to be handed at periodic intervals through the semester the projects portfolio supports an efficient use of time, along with training students in varied kinds of research and writing skills.
Even as the Joy University – Law School will organize the research and writing skills through projects, it allows students to explore other co-curricular routes such as moot courts and essay competitions. The co-curricular initiatives which is seen to fulfil the project requirement is then evaluated by the faculty. The large repository of elective courses, the varied project assignments and different learning techniques is an effort at recognizing multiple intelligences and providing space for the strengths of all kinds of students.