School of Computational Intelligence (SOCI)

Learning Outcomes

The B. Tech student in CSE will have the ability to:

Abstract out computational models based on mathematical rigor.
Critically analyse and appreciate emerging and applied fields of computer science owing to deeper understanding and strong foundations in theoretical computer science.
Develop robust, secure, and efficient software systems that would involve software engineering, data structures, and algorithm design paradigms.
Apply different concepts including digital design, computer architecture, operating systems, databases, networking, and applications for building solutions for real-world problems.
Design and implement smart, intelligent, and user-friendly interfaces for computer applications.
Analyse, design, develop and deploy computer-based systems in collaboration with domain experts for meeting societal needs in areas such as healthcare, safety, environment, law enforcement,transportation, etc., by exploiting tools and techniques of Big data, AI and project management.
Become proficient in some of the specialized areas such as Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Natural Language Understanding, and Intelligent Communication.
Communicate effectively by comprehending, documenting, making effective presentations and exchanging clear instructions.