Ph.D Admissions

Research Areas

Computational Intelligence

Security: Block Chain Technology, Cyber Security, Information Security and Privacy, Internet Security, cryptography, Authentication, Cyber Physical Systems. Parallel and Distributed Computing: Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Fault Tolerant Computing, Fog computing, Edge computing. Computer Vision: Image Processing, Video surveillance, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Remote Sensing, Explainable AI, Industry 4.0. Networking: Wired and Wireless Network, Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things, Software Defined Network. Data Science: Natural Language Processing, Big Data Analytics. Semantics Web: Ontology, Knowledge Databases. Data Structures and Algorithms, Computational Geometry.

Information & Communication Technology

Ambient Assisted Living, Intelligent Digital Speech Signal Processing, Intelligent Financial Signal Processing and Algorithmic Trading Strategies, Antenna Design, High frequency systems, Machine -learning in RF passive Component Design, Antenna Design for Intelligent Systems, Antenna Applications and Emerging

Technologies, Microwave Imaging, Image Reconstruction, Computational Electromagnetics and Learning Analytics, Industrial IoT, Machine Vision and Applications, Smart Biomedical Devices, Artificial Intelligence, Machine-learning, Image Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Communication, VLSI Design and EDA, Machine Learning for Wireless Communications, Machine Learning for Intelligent Optical Networks, Artificial Intelligence in Optical Communications

School of Arts & Natural Sciences

English Language & Literature, Public Policy & Public Administration, Psychology, Political Science and International Relations, Commerce, Economics, Business administration (Marketing & Finance).


Non-linear optical materials; Bio-Materials; Transparent Conduction Oxide; Computational Material Science; Density Functional theory, Plasma Physics and Applications; Perovskite Solar Cell; Thin Films for Opto-electronic Devices; Global Warming and Climate Change; Magnetic Properties and Material; Laser and Photonics; Thermoelectric Materials and Thin Film Transistor; Experimental Nuclear Physics; Flexible Electronics, Hybrid Electronic Materials (perovskites) and devices including Memory, Artificial Synapses, Solar Cells, Light Emitting Diodes.

Mathematical Biology, Computational Neuroscience, Fractional Modelling of Real world problem, Performance measure of distribution warehouses and Software Reliability, Developing Prediction Models, Boundary Element Methods (BEM) for Fluid Flow Problems, Dual Boundary Element Methods (DBEM), Dual Reciprocity Boundary Element Methods (DRBEM), Wave Hydrodynamics, Coastal Engineering, Finite Element Methods in Fluid Dynamics, Computational Seismology, Continuum Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Functionally Graded Materials, Sustainable Technologies. Ocean models, Cryosphere Studies, Data assimilation. Mathematical Modelling, Optimization. Magnetohydrodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Classical General Relativity. Numerical Reservoir Modeling and Simulation, Applied Geophysics and Geostatistics, Fuzzy Sets, Analytical and Numerical treatment of Fluid Flow Problems, non-Newtonian fluid flows, Biological and Industrial applications.

Mechanical Engineering

Thermal Engineering
Renewable Energy, Biodiesel, Wind energy, Solar hybrid technology, Solar thermal applications, Marine renewable energy. Hydrogen Energy, CO2 Capture and Recycling, Recycling of E-waste, Industrial waste, and Li-ion batteries.

Thermal and Fluid Engineering:
Water desalinization, Thermal comfort, Advanced Refrigeration System, Tri- generation, Industrial Effluent Treatments. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Fluid flow control, control theory, Fluid Flow Instability and Hydrodynamics, Transition and Turbulent flows, CFD Applications: IC engines and alternative fuels, material processing, Heat and fluid flow, Melting and Solidification, Microstructure modelling, Natural convection, Rayleigh- Bernard convection, Direct Numerical Simulations, Cavitation studies. Energy storage: - Li ion batteries, Na ion batteries, Battery chemistry, thermal management, automotive applications. Nano Materials: Synthesis, Chemistry, and Performance correlation studies

Thermal System Design:
Thermal system design and optimization, Exergy analysis of thermal system, waste heat recovery, Thermal system design for enhancing heat transfer rates for extremely high heat flux applications.

Design Engineering:
Finite Element Analysis, Additive Manufacturing/Rapid Prototyping, Innovative and creative materials for rapid prototyping processes, Numerical and Experimental investigations of Fused Filament Extrusion techniques. Composite materials, Computational mechanics of materials: stress analysis and optimization, Mathematical modelling of advanced materials, optimization, continuum damage mechanics, Stress Analysis, Vibration based fault diagnosis and condition monitoring, Signal and Image Processing for state identification of components, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence application in design of components, Optimization techniques. Tribology, Fluid film lubrication, surface texturing, smart lubricants. Nonlinear dynamics, sandwich structures, smart materials. Failure analysis and Mechanical behaviour of materials, small scale specimen testing technique.

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering:
Additive manufacturing, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, Ultrasonic additive manufacturing and Solid State Additive Manufacturing., EDM wire cut, EDM; surfacing and electrochemical machining, Electro-chemical discharge machining (ECDM), Wire- ECDM, Electro-chemical deburring, Friction Stir welding and processing of materials, Numerical modelling and simulation of manufacturing processes, Lithium ion batteries, Tools and Coatings, Microwave processing of materials, Laser processing of materials, Corrosion and Coatings, Electrochemical machining and 3D printing, Micro machining, Surface texturing and metrology, Wear, Friction & Tribology, Super plasticity, wear behaviour of surface composites, friction surfacing, hybrid welding, Metal cored and flux cored arc welding, Flux assisted TIG welding, Laser welding & ultrasonic welding. Advanced Product Inspection using Image processing, Industry 4.0 applications in manufacturing.

Industrial Management:
Project Management; Operation & Supply Chain Management; Materials & Procurement Management; Quality & Reliability Management.

Micro Small & Medium Enterprise; Entrepreneurship; Innovation.

Civil Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering:
Ground Improvement, Soil-Structure Interactions, Applications of Geosynthetics, Waste Management and Utilization, Geodynamics and Earthquake engineering, Seismic Hazard and Microzonation studies, Grouting, Numerical Analysis and Applications, Rock Mechanics, Tunneling and Underground Structures, Geo- environmental problems.

Transportation Engineering:
Application of AI / Machine Learning Technique in Transportation Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Utilization of Waste in Pavement, Modeling / Simulation of Traffic / Urban Planning, Construction Engineering and Management.

Structural Engineering:
Computational Solid Mechanics, Concrete, Structural Optimization, Nanotechnology in eco- efficient concrete construction, Cost Effective Green Technology in construction, Plate bending finite elements for laminated composites and functionally graded materials.

Construction Management:
Project Management, Construction Management, Building Information Modelling, Sustainable development, Risk Assessment, Applications of IoT and Cloud Computing in Construction Industry.

Environmental Engineering:
Measurement and Modeling; Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry; Climate Change; Indoor Air Pollution; Source apportionment; Carbon Isotope; Design and Development of low cost sensors; Solid waste disposal and related soil and air pollution, Water treatment / wastewater management and treatment / solid waste management.

Water Resources Engineering and Management:
Flood hazard and risk Modeling, Hydrodynamic Modeling, Flood Assessment, Watershed management, GIS and Remote Sensing Applications.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Signal Processing Applications, Image Processing Applications, Audio & Speech Processing, Biomedical Electronics, Electronic Instrumentation, Embedded Systems Design, Spintronics, Semiconductor Device Modelling, Simulation, Solid State Devices, Organic Electronics, Transparent Semiconductors and Photovoltaic systems, VLSI technology including Analog/mixed signal circuit design, VLSI Circuit Design and RFID Tag Chip Design. Microelectronics and VLSI speech signal processing, Recognition of Indian languages, Sensor array and Multi-channel signal processing, Multi-microphone, Speech processing, Distant speech recognition, Spatial audio for virtual and augmented reality, Multimodal signal processing and information fusion, Multimedia, Affective computing, Image/video analysis and pattern recognition, Nonlinear tomography, Propagation and scattering problems, subsurface imaging, Biomedical imaging and image processing, Video signal processing, Computer vision, data mining, Brain computer/machine interface, Image frame generation, Intelligent informatics. Intelligent Systems and Control: Adaptive Critic based Optimal Control, Direct and Indirect Adaptive control using Learning Framework, Learning to Control Visually Guided Robotic Systems: Manipulators, UAVs, Land Rovers, Cyber Physical Systems: Event Triggered Control and Switching Control, Warehouse Automation, Practical applications of Control Systems theory.

Linear and Nonlinear systems, Adaptive Control, Time-delay systems, Control of unmanned vehicles, Multi-agent systems and coordinated control, AC and DC Microgrids, Intelligent Data Mining Algorithms and Applications, Health Monitoring and Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Systems, Soft-Computing in Modelling and Control, Machine Learning Algorithms, Computer Vision, Bioinformatics, Smart Grid, Intelligent Agents and their Applications, Intelligent Informatics, Fuzzy Controllers, Image Frame Generation, Brain Computer Machine Learning, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


Marketing, Operations Management, HRM & Organizational Behavior, Information Systems Management, Strategic Management, Financial Management and Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Data Science in Business.